Dryanovo Municipality becomes a partner of the Polish municipality of Serosk



Dryanovo Municipality and Municipality of Serock signed letters of intent to establish cooperation. Ceremony with the participation of Dryanovo’s Mayor Trifon Panchev and the Deputy Mayor of Serock, Marek Bombolski, took place on May 14, 2022 in Dryanovo. Presidents of the municipal councils of both municipalities, Todor Georgiev and Marius Rosinski, as well as other representatives of the municipal administration, participated. Formal signing of the agreement will take place on 21 May in the town of Serock, Poland with the participation of the mayors of both municipalities.

Among the main areas of cooperation are sports, culture, tourism, education and the exchange of children's and youth groups. Partner municipalities are expected to take active and mutual action to implement common projects in these areas and for mutual promotion, based on their experience and good practices.

As an initiator and mediator for establishing the communication between the two municipalities, at the official ceremony of exchange of letters and historical celebrations  in Dryakovo Monastery, the NAMRBB, represented by Yana Docheva, Head of the International Cooperation Department, participated. During the official ceremony, the mayor of Dryanovo municipality shared his excitement at the completion of the first step towards the realization of the future cooperation with the Municipality of Serock.

"Dryanovo Municipality needed exactly such an act. This is an opportunity to start a new venture. There is something to learn, there is also something to show," said mayor Panchev. He pointed out that the main focus in the practical implementation of the partnership will be young people, with the organization of sports and cultural exchanges of groups of children and young people. Mayor of Dryanovo also expressed his thanks to the NAMRB for the assistance and support provided to establish contact with the Polish local authorities. In the framework of their visit to Bulgaria, the delegation from Poland held a working meeting with the Mayor of Dryanovo municipality to discuss common endeavors and good practices, as well as visited the Wagon Plant "Intercom",  Enterprise "VSK Centaur RAZ Dynamics, and the sports facilities on the territory of Dryanovo municipality. The delegation also took part in the celebration of the 146th anniversary of the April Epopea at Dryakovo monastery.