Thirty fountains with mineral and spring water will be renovated after the competition "30 years of DEVIN - Trust in every drop"




The winners of the competition "30 years of DEVIN - Trust in every drop" for renovation of public fountains in Bulgaria were announced at a special event in Sofia. The initiative was of great interest. It included 54 municipalities that proposed 84 projects. A five-member jury ranked 30 proposals for the renovation of natural sources of mineral and spring water.

The competition was announced on 22 March - World Water Day, and was held jointly with the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB). Each municipality, on the territory of which there is a fountain with mineral or spring water, had the opportunity to apply with a project for its renovation.

"We at Devin will support the nominated projects not only financially, but also with the active participation of our employees" said Borislava Nalbantova, Executive Director of Devin“ EAD. "As a market leader, we are aware of our role in caring for society and inspiring by example. For 30 years now, we have been building trust in every drop of water that reaches people through us. We are extremely grateful for the active assistance of the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria in the competition. We thank everyone who participated and invite everyone who is willing to join the initiative in person."

The initiative is part of the long-term campaign of Devin EAD Source of Change 2025, which aims to have a positive impact on the environment. Among the main policies of the company is the long-term commitment to society, its well-being and improving the environment.

At this link you can see the special video dedicated to the initiative "30 years of DEVIN - Trust in every drop".

List of municipalities - winners of the competition:

  • Aytos - the village of Sadievo
  • Bratsigovo - Bratsigovo
  • Burgas - the village of Vetren - Akve Khalide
  • Veliki Preslav - The Bridge of Sighs
  • Veliko Tarnovo - the village of Gabrovtsi-center
  • Venets - the village of Yasenkovo
  • Vidin - Albotin Rock Monastery
  • Gabrovo - Uzana
  • General Toshevo - Karaliyski Kaynak
  • Devin - Devin
  • Dolni Dabnik - Mitovska fountain
  • Zemen - The Old Fountain - The Ten Barrels
  • Zlatitsa - Ker fountain
  • Zlatograd - Iliykova fountain
  • Koprivshtitsa - Soboryanka
  • Krushari - The Great Turkish Fountain
  • Levski - Minyova fountain
  • Lovech - Radyuvene
  • Malko Tarnovo - Baba Denka
  • Mezdra – The Well
  • Pavel Banya - The Liberation Fountain
  • Provadia - Samodiv fountain
  • Razgrad - Bezhana
  • Samokov - Ferdinand Fountain
  • Slivo Pole - the village of Kosharna
  • Stara Zagora - Mineral Baths - The Nymph
  • Stolichna - Vitosha region, Knyazhevska gora
  • Sungurlare - Ichme
  • Teteven - Blue Pishur
  • Troyan - Mondeshka fountain